Avi Yishai - Musician
Creator Composer and Teacher
plays and preforms on a
special digital percussion instrument
Suitable for Culture, Society, and Education events



I used to be a very active musician with Israeli and international careers . Following an illness and a surgery- I was then physically unable to play as I used be. Today, after a process of years, I maneged to turn my disadvantage to an advantage.
I returned to music,and today I play and preform with a special digital drum.
My performance combines my music and .
my personal story.
For further information and reservations please complete performance details and get back to you as soon as possible​
Through preformens comes up personal and scial messagge , of an Adherence purpose and the importance of Integration disabled people in society. my show is Suitable for Culture, Society and Education events. The show 25min. long
Shimoni Street, Jerusalem